How To Kick-Ass Depression In 3 Steps

I have been addressing my mood consciously and doing something about it. I won’t say that I already managed the amount of negative feelings and thoughts that had been building inside me but at least I don’t find myself completely lost in that big puddle of sadness that I was in. Thus here are the 3 steps I recommend you to kick-ass depression.

Non-Doing: The Number One Stress Buster

I finally grasped something more about ‘non-doing’ and felt the accumulated stress leaving my body at the same time. It was as if everything that I had been worrying or thinking about doing had actually no importance or urgency at all. There was something more important which is to fully witness the present moment.

Refinding Balance Amongst Negative Emotions

Life is just like that: from time to time it allows you to feel some sadness and heartache, so you can savour happiness and healing when they come. Otherwise how would know the difference between them? Today I met someone with whom I talked about my recent eating┬árelapse and we tried to figure out why…