Vegan Pancakes With Mango Topping

Haaaaa!! Sundays are for pancakes as pancakes are for Sundays! Does it make any sense? I am sure you will agree with me after seeing the beautiful pancakes I made this Sunday morning:   Sunday #vegan #pancake 😍😍OMG never did ones so perfectly cute 🤓♥️ #brunch #sunday #foodporn Uma publicação partilhada por Vanessa Dias (@humanfulness) a…

Apple & Beetroot Salad

I have been so lazy with my food since I went to Lisbon and came back! I really missed my zen moments around chopping veggies and making myself a nice and healthy dish. So today I am going for an apple & beetroot salad. Here is what you need: mixed leaf salad two small to…

The 4 Colour Raw Salad

For today’s lunch I made this gorgeous and fresh salad which I called “The 4 Color Raw Salad”, since its colours are mainly white, red, green and orange.

Banana, Kiwi & Mango Juice

This morning I woke up much later than usual. I probably had some sleeping hours to catch up. Thus this morning routine was a bit different. Instead of letting breakfast for later, I made a big cup of banana, kiwi and mango juice, to drink while I did my gentle yoga session.