Strong Women Are Not That Strong

I think women like myself grow up with the false belief that we can’t be “too woman” because we don’t want to be like our mothers. We grow up with a strong facade so no one can come and say that we are not allowed to be whatever we want. We grow up with an eternal conflict between wanting attention and not wanting to pose as needy. We grow up with the idea that it is better to leave our feelings aside, because usually when we let our feelings run wild we get hurt and squashed. 

No One Can Save You But Yourself

You have still been waiting for someone else to do that job for you. Or maybe a book… a chat with a particular someone. You try everything except sitting and truly facing yourself – but that’s the only way you have to realise and examine the amount of truth that you have been living with. That’s the only way to actually overcome any sense of self-lack.

Your Impatience Is What Makes You Suffer

It was 5.30am when I woke up this morning. I forced myself to get back to sleep. It was not only early but there was no need to rush today, since I had to be in to receive a piece of furniture. I had a weird dream in the meantime and I woke up not…

When I Move On, I Move On. Period.

It takes time. Sometimes it takes me a whole lot of time to move on. But when I do, I do it for good. There are no setbacks. There are no more chances to give. And I look back no more. I get done with it. I quit responding to calls, texts, and subjective signals…

No, I Do Not Miss You

I thought I would miss you, but I don’t. I thought I would be loosing one of my biggest friends, but I didn’t. You were not that big and you certainly were not “that” friend. I also thought you would still show me that you care, but you didn’t. Maybe you never really did or…

Stop Feeding Their Egos

You are so obsessed with him or her that you can’t do do the right math, so you keep devaluing yourself while building up their ego. The trade is not fair at all. You keep feeding them and they know, unconsciously though, that you will wait for them and thus they can keep you at whatever distance they feel comfortable with.

Decluttering Your Life

What can we do to start decluttering our lives, keep our minds at ease and more clear-headed about where to go next in life? I would like to share with you these three ideas that I am applying myself.

Claiming Your Spot With Kindness

I used to be very angry when people would take credit by work that I had done or proclame they were the ones who came up with a new product, service or activity when actually they were basing what they were doing on stuff that I did. In other words, I always dealt very badly…