Slow Dating. Slow. Please.

There should be something called ‘slow dating’. I don’t mean that we should go back in time but I think we should at least stop to consider if we are actually making decisions in the best way we can. Of course that if you want to go from failure to failure, that’s absolutely fine, but why date every guy on the planet to find one that suits you when you can just try to know more about his core self first? And if he wants to fast forward… wish him ‘bon voyage!’. 

Look For Resonance, Not Perfection

I now know that I simply look for resonance. I don’t care about complicated check-lists and I am aware that I need to just feel what feels good. And what feels good is to share my own kind of beauty with a man that can speak the same heart language I do, kiss like if he was savouring the most juicy peach and hold me tight without destroying my freedom.

I Am The Source of My Own Suffering

I’m hurt and angry. And I’m sad. And frustrated. I’m tired of the indifference with which people treat us. The more I try, the more I seem to fail. Every act of kindness or good-natured gesture ends up returned as abuse and a request for more. They want more, they always want more. They demand…

Three Signs That You Are Not That Special Friend

To help you out, I will now share with you three signs that I have been coming across in my own experience and which have helped me to realise the kind of people I have surrounded myself with. Again, it doesn’t mean that you need to cut these people off from your life, it just means that you can become more aware about the amount of energy you put in those relationships.

When You Love Yourself You Stop Being In The Wrong Relationships

It sounds obvious and cliche, the whole talk about self-love. But I can’t deny its truth and I would even like to add that we often think we already love ourselves enough just to find out that we actually don’t. We think we know what it means, because it sounds pretty simple. However, we often…

There Are Several Types of Friends

There are friends with whom you can share a meal. There are friends with whom you can only share a superficial “hello” and “how are you?”. There are friends with whom you can go to the beach and just enjoy the good time next to the shore. There are friends with whom you can only…

No, I Do Not Miss You

I thought I would miss you, but I don’t. I thought I would be loosing one of my biggest friends, but I didn’t. You were not that big and you certainly were not “that” friend. I also thought you would still show me that you care, but you didn’t. Maybe you never really did or…