How To Kick-Ass Depression In 3 Steps

I have been addressing my mood consciously and doing something about it. I won’t say that I already managed the amount of negative feelings and thoughts that had been building inside me but at least I don’t find myself completely lost in that big puddle of sadness that I was in. Thus here are the 3 steps I recommend you to kick-ass depression.

When A Positive Psychologist Meets Depression

By filling in the scale-tests that Sonja displays in her book, I finally faced the reality I was trying to cover up: at the moment, I am not very happy and I am depressed. A lot of feelings have been coming through from this reality-check. Some of them might be shame and guilt. How can I not be happy? How am I depressed? Don’t I know everything about happiness and positive psychology? Haven’t I taught people on the “Psychology of Happiness”? Other feelings are empowerment and self-acceptance. I accept the present moment and its reality. Doing so makes me feel empowered, because from that point I know what to do next: I need to befriend my feelings and nurture back my positivity. 

Every Connection is an Invitation To Learn More About Yourself

So in the end it had very little to do with others or the way “they just are”. The connections were there to teach me what I didn’t want to see and learn. That’s why now I clearly realise how every connection is an opportunity and an invitation to learn more about ourselves. After all, our reality is always a projection of the good and the bad within us. We merely want to pretend that there is no bad, only good. And that’s the main reason why we don’t learn to manage our lives as fast as we could.

On The Highway To Burnout. Again.

I am there again. I am letting all that energy hit me harshly in the face. And in every single and small bone of my body. I am being drained, throughout the day, without even understanding how or being able to notice it in real time. My eyes are starting to feel dry and I feel…

Stop Feeding Their Egos

You are so obsessed with him or her that you can’t do do the right math, so you keep devaluing yourself while building up their ego. The trade is not fair at all. You keep feeding them and they know, unconsciously though, that you will wait for them and thus they can keep you at whatever distance they feel comfortable with.

Refinding Balance Amongst Negative Emotions

Life is just like that: from time to time it allows you to feel some sadness and heartache, so you can savour happiness and healing when they come. Otherwise how would know the difference between them? Today I met someone with whom I talked about my recent eating relapse and we tried to figure out why…

The 7 Mindful Attitudes: #1 Non-doing

I’m not going anywhere. And I’m not doing anything. I simply just gave up of this constant feeling of having to be striving and making things happen. I have been utterly tired and I finally understand why: I kept myself busy doing whatever I thought it was needed to change or fix reality, according to…

The Signs That It Isn’t Working Out Are Always There

I gave up talking about my love life to anyone else but me. First because people always want to comment, or state something about it, and second because it never lasts too long. Now what I have to share with you might sound selfish, but I am going to share it with you anyway. I used…