No One Can Save You But Yourself

There is no princess or prince charming that will come and save you. The closest saviour you will come across with is yourself, the king or queen of your castle, the one and only who can actually get to know you deeply and provide exactly what you are looking for.

But you haven’t been bothered with getting to know yourself, have you? I mean – to really know you, to have an understanding of what you have been really looking for, consciously or not.

Perhaps you have been walking up and down the road with your yoga pants, pretending that you are now loving and taking good care of yourself, when in fact you are just faking it and forcing a blissful image which isn’t really reliable or stable at the moment, because you haven’t been able to do the hard work bit. The one in which you have to sit with yourself instead of jumping from place to place, busying your mind with all sorts of things (so you can say “I don’t have time to meditate”), or even being tired every time you come back home from work.

You haven’t been able to pay attention to and befriend yourself. There is something that attracts you to the idea of becoming still and calm in your mind, but there is also something that keeps holding you back. And that something is resistance to face your deepest truths. For some reason, your ego has been protecting you from becoming still and it has also keeping you away from what you most seek: a greater understanding of your own needs and the ability to suffice yourself with authentic love and care.

You have kept yourself waiting for someone else to do that job for you. Or maybe a book… a chat with a particular someone. You have tried and you will keep trying everything except sitting and truly facing yourself – but that’s the only way you have to realise and examine the amount of truth that you have been living with. That’s the only way to actually overcome any sense of self-lack and become empowered.


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