Slowing Down The Busyness

When our work apparently obeys to a bigger system in which everything has to be dealt with quickly and “time is money”, we easily embark in routines that suit well robots and machines but not human beings. You see, you can even keep up with it for a month, maybe one year or decades, but there will always be one moment in time in which you realise that you are not sure if you actually lived or merely existed.

To understand and have a sense of meaning we need time. We need time and space to contemplate what there is, be it inside ourselves or out there in the world. We need to grasp moments and play around with time, which clearly can’t happen when we are driven by the disturbing and massive busyness of nowadays.

We are not even productive as we think we are when we lead a life of busyness. We get hill more often because stress and anxiety lower our immune system capacity to respond in case of emergency. We don’t have such a good quality of sleep, because we go to bed late or we can’t simply shut our mind off and fall asleep. And when we do sleep we may keep waking up in the middle of the night with a massive urge to breathe deeper or an uncomfortable sense that something is weighing us down, so much that we can’t take a full deep breath.

Most of us have been slaves of busyness and we keep carrying it on because we think “that’s the way life is”. Though I am sure no one in the world was born with the solely purpose of suffering. Indeed there is suffering and there will always be suffering – it’s what allows us to evolve, learn and become better humans – but there is a way to end suffering or at least to deal with it better. That way is to contemplate more and have more time to actually see how our life is unfolding, what silly beliefs do we hold on to and what kind of traps we keep putting ourselves into.

So slow down your busyness. I am not saying to stop it all at once, since some of that busyness is actually necessary. However, slow it down. Take the opportunity to think twice. Examine your present status with kindness and care, as if you were not you but someone else who has your best interest at hand. What would you conclude? What advice would you give?

This kind of analysis is only possible when we step outside for a minute and just observe. That’s why you need to slow down. You need to grasp and understand what you are actually doing with your own being and life.


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