Being Present Under A Blanket of Stars

I love this feeling.

I love these moments in which the sea breeze is all that I breathe and the stars warm my heart up offering me the most beautiful blanket I could ever imagine.

It’s not cold and it’s not hot. The wind plays very gently in the soles of my feet and I just keep swinging in our garden bed, back and forth, letting my soul being hypnotised by the trees’ lullabies. The wind inspires them to sing and at night they surely loose their shyness.

All this elicits a lukewarm feeling inside me. It comes straight from my heart and it travels in slow motion to the very end of my fingertips. It drives me automatically to write and talk to you. It makes me drunk with words and visions that deeply penetrate my mind with the secret intention of being spread away.

They want to be blown by the wind and become lullabies as well. They want to travel and warm up other hearts, minds and souls. They want to taste the freedom and to keep sharing the beauty of a starry sky next to the seaside. They want to assure you that life is much more than your worries and great expectations. They want you to rest within the time that exists between milliseconds and also to cover you up with this same blanket made of stars. They want to connect you to the bigger truth that has always been inside you: the story of who you are as a human being.


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