No, I Do Not Miss You

I thought I would miss you, but I don’t. I thought I would be loosing one of my biggest friends, but I didn’t. You were not that big and you certainly were not “that” friend. I also thought you would still show me that you care, but you didn’t. Maybe you never really did or at least not as much as I had imagined.

I always expect too much, but sometimes that’s actually a good thing. I expected to miss you, but the fact that I don’t allows me to see my own ability to self-heal and regenerate. It allows me to see that I still have so much to learn about human connections and how people relate to each other.

That’s why I don’t miss you. The fact that you are gone and that I stopped trying to keep in touch showed me that some people come to your life, you feel nice with them for a little while, and then they teach you a lesson before they leave. All because that was their main role in your life, right from the start. They were never meant to stay that long and, even though it hurts when they leave, you soon realise that the lesson and the pain were necessary for you to become a better version of yourself.

No, I don’t actually miss you. I did when you left and I thought I would keep missing you for a long time. But now I don’t miss you… I am actually happier and grateful for all that happened and how it happened. I learnt the lesson you came to teach me and I am now more aware of many things that I wasn’t before. Thank you for the time you were with me and know that I will always send you love.




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