Don’t Wait Until It’s Late

Don’t wait to say what you have to say, all those feelings and thoughts that you keep trying to bury inside you, because you assume that no one ever understands you.

Don’t wait to be who came here to be, because the world will never appear to be safe enough for you to do so.

Don’t wait for that rare disease to show up and spread across your entire body or your friend’s body, because you certainly can start valuing and treasuring your life more just where you are at this very moment.

And don’t wait for that piece of paper to start doing what you love, because you will see that society will still be asking for more piece of papers and more piece of papers to make you tired enough and then not willing to fulfil your dreams anymore. So don’t wait to bring your dreams alive, the one’s you used to have when you were a kid, because they are the seeds of your happiness.

Don’t wait to ask for forgiveness or forgive whatever painful events and emotions others brought to your life or that you even created, because you need to forgive in order to make your life flow. Otherwise it will be stuck.

Don’t wait until you overcame your worries, weaknesses and deepest fears to do what your heart truly wishes for and what you know that feels right, because sometimes that’s exactly what the world needs you to do.

Don’t wait for someone to bring you happiness; actually don’t wait for happiness to come from outside you at all. Instead create your own happiness.

And mostly don’t wait for the next minute to take that leap of faith and trust your own inner guidance, that wisdom that comes from your heart centre, because you might not even be breathing in the next second – how can you know?

Honestly, just don’t wait until it’s late.


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