Refinding Balance Amongst Negative Emotions

Life is just like that: from time to time it allows you to feel some sadness and heartache, so you can savour happiness and healing when they come. Otherwise how would know the difference between them?

Today I met someone with whom I talked about my recent eating relapse and we tried to figure out why did it happened. The underlying reason is always the same: the need to avoid negative feelings and thoughts that are overwhelming me, that are running through my body and mind over and over again. They completely take control over me until I get so tired that I need to leave the carousel at any cost.

The cost is indulging in food and getting a different pain and stream of negative thoughts. I go back to feelings and thoughts that I am already used to in order not to face emotions and thoughts that I can’t figure out what to do with them. Unfortunately, they always come back for another take. And, if I don’t take control over my food-based defensive mechanism, I get trapped in a cycle that only crushes my life force to its non existence.

So how I do we break the cycle? How do we get our balance back? For me, what works best is to do my best in getting back to certain rituals that somehow trigger my self-love and self-nurturance. For others, it can be doing more of what they like or love to do. The strategy you use is not really important, what is important is to understand this underlying principle:

In order to break a cycle of negative emotions, thoughts, and actions, you need to engage in activities or have moments in which positive emotions start to rise within you.

These positive emotions will clear your mind and boost in you a more uplifting stream of thoughts. Then, from this incredible mix of positive emotions and positive thoughts comes a natural tendency to display a set of behaviours that positively impact us and others. Altogether makes us reach and find balance again.




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