Stop Feeding Their Egos

You are so obsessed with him or her that you can’t do do the right math, so you keep devaluing yourself while building up their ego. The trade is not fair at all. You keep feeding them and they know, unconsciously though, that you will wait for them and thus they can keep you at whatever distance they feel comfortable with.

Decluttering Your Life

What can we do to start decluttering our lives, keep our minds at ease and more clear-headed about where to go next in life? I would like to share with you these three ideas that I am applying myself.

Don’t Let Your Loneliness Hurt Someone

I won’t judge you, I won’t. I did it twice. I gave into someone else’s love because I was tired of feeling alone, of being single. The first time endured for two years and I was not aware of what I was actually doing, even though I knew I was not happy at all. The…

Claiming Your Spot With Kindness

I used to be very angry when people would take credit by work that I had done or proclame they were the ones who came up with a new product, service or activity when actually they were basing what they were doing on stuff that I did. In other words, I always dealt very badly…

Don’t Wait Until It’s Late

Don’t wait for the next minute to take that leap of faith and trust your own inner guidance, because you might not even be breathing – how can you know?
Just don’t wait until it’s late.

The 7 Mindful Attitudes: #2 Letting Go

The good thing of letting go is that the more we grow the easier it becomes to practise it. At some point we just wake up and decide that letting go is actually less painful than trying to hold on tightly to someone that needs to break free. Just like the waves.

Refinding Balance Amongst Negative Emotions

Life is just like that: from time to time it allows you to feel some sadness and heartache, so you can savour happiness and healing when they come. Otherwise how would know the difference between them? Today I met someone with whom I talked about my recent eating┬árelapse and we tried to figure out why…

I Choose To Stay With Me

Ever wandered why people do such silly things for a little company in return? How many self-respect barriers do they break for that? How many times do they sacrifice themselves for a little bit of recognition? And how many times do people do this when they are in love? How many times do they choose…