The ‘Stay Peaceful’ Morning Routine

Waking up this morning, I smile. 24 brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh

For a long time, I struggled. I spent years reading a lot about morning routines, how to wake up early and how to launch myself perfectly into a brand new day. However, the approaches that were available seemed too aggressive to my soul. I was never the type of early riser and the idea of waking up for a jog made me postpone my alarm several times in the same morning.

Recently though, I found the perfect ingredients for my morning routine:

  • awakening of the mind & body
  • savouring previous night’s memories or dreams
  • face & teeth washing
  • warm water with lemon
  • 20 minute yoga class

So I now wake up naturally and wait for my body to wake up too. Sometimes I give it 5 minutes, other times I might give it half an hour, especially when there is some good memory to savour from the night before or a beautiful dream to recall. After a few gentle stretches in bed, I get up and I literally feel my body and soul connecting. I ask them gently “what’s next?” and they always speak to me. They always did, but I was clearly deaf to them before.

Then I either go to the bathroom, wash my face with some warm water and brush my teeth. I feel this helps me to wake up even more and also lets my skin breath. Before I eat anything at all, I have a glass of warm water with half of a lemon juice. This cleans and protects my gut. After it, I go back to my room and put some gentle uplifting music – no screams, no voices, no nothing besides gentle and harmonious sounds.

Next I go for a 20 minute yoga morning class with Adriene. She has a beautiful presence, very in tune with my own soul. She is very gentle and I particularly like her approach to yoga which resembles my ‘do as you feel right’ mindset. Thus I wear off as many clothes as I feel comfortable and meet the floor with ease, giving in to the process of connecting with myself. When I finish, I can then go back to my body nourishment needs. I prepare my breakfast with love, which I found out to be one of the most amazing ways of showing  love to myself. From that point on,  and also a way to love even more wholeheartedly the ones I cherish.


The sweetest time of the day 🕉️ good morning 💖 #breakfast #raw #food #nutrition

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Only then… I can go adulting.

What about your morning routine? How do you start your day? How does it feel right to you? Let me know in the comments box below or show me by tagging me in your instagram post (@humanfulness). ♥





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