Raw Blueberry Ice-Cream

Recently I discovered how to do these homemade ice-cream bowls and since then I am not willing at all to buy ice-creams out there. I actually prefer and love my own ice-creams! It’s very easy and simple to make them. Plus, since they are homemade, you do know what goes in it.

The 4 Colour Raw Salad

For today’s lunch I made this gorgeous and fresh salad which I called “The 4 Color Raw Salad”, since its colours are mainly white, red, green and orange.

Banana, Kiwi & Mango Juice

This morning I woke up much later than usual. I probably had some sleeping hours to catch up. Thus this morning routine was a bit different. Instead of letting breakfast for later, I made a big cup of banana, kiwi and mango juice, to drink while I did my gentle yoga session.

The ‘Stay Peaceful’ Morning Routine

I spent years reading a lot about morning routines, how to wake up early and how to launch myself perfectly into a brand new day. However, the approaches that were available seemed too aggressive to my soul. I was never the type of early riser and the idea of waking up for a jog made me postpone my alarm several times in the same morning.

Recently though, I found the perfect ingredients for my morning routine.