Strong Women Are Not That Strong

I think women like myself grow up with the false belief that we can’t be “too woman” because we don’t want to be like our mothers. We grow up with a strong facade so no one can come and say that we are not allowed to be whatever we want. We grow up with an eternal conflict between wanting attention and not wanting to pose as needy. We grow up with the idea that it is better to leave our feelings aside, because usually when we let our feelings run wild we get hurt and squashed. 

Slow Dating. Slow. Please.

There should be something called ‘slow dating’. I don’t mean that we should go back in time but I think we should at least stop to consider if we are actually making decisions in the best way we can. Of course that if you want to go from failure to failure, that’s absolutely fine, but why date every guy on the planet to find one that suits you when you can just try to know more about his core self first? And if he wants to fast forward… wish him ‘bon voyage!’. 

Look For Resonance, Not Perfection

I now know that I simply look for resonance. I don’t care about complicated check-lists and I am aware that I need to just feel what feels good. And what feels good is to share my own kind of beauty with a man that can speak the same heart language I do, kiss like if he was savouring the most juicy peach and hold me tight without destroying my freedom.

Kissing Your Own Wounded Self

I think the best way to deal with unwanted feelings is to face them. The reason we don’t face them is that we think it will make it worse, it will make us feel more pain. However pain will only go away when the wound is healed beyond the surface – and as with any physical wound it always hurts more harshly in the beginning of the healing process.

How To Kick-Ass Depression In 3 Steps

I have been addressing my mood consciously and doing something about it. I won’t say that I already managed the amount of negative feelings and thoughts that had been building inside me but at least I don’t find myself completely lost in that big puddle of sadness that I was in. Thus here are the 3 steps I recommend you to kick-ass depression.

Book Review: Wherever You Go, There You Are (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

There are hundreds and hundreds of books about mindfulness. So if you want to start to explore what mindfulness is, where do you start? Good question. My shelf has many books on mindfulness. It’s very easy to find new authors publishing on this topic every day in any given book shop. But if you want…

When A Positive Psychologist Meets Depression

By filling in the scale-tests that Sonja displays in her book, I finally faced the reality I was trying to cover up: at the moment, I am not very happy and I am depressed. A lot of feelings have been coming through from this reality-check. Some of them might be shame and guilt. How can I not be happy? How am I depressed? Don’t I know everything about happiness and positive psychology? Haven’t I taught people on the “Psychology of Happiness”? Other feelings are empowerment and self-acceptance. I accept the present moment and its reality. Doing so makes me feel empowered, because from that point I know what to do next: I need to befriend my feelings and nurture back my positivity.